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Owingsville Elementary Student Technology Leadership Program services 4th and 5th graders after school on Wednesdays until 5:00pm.  Students work on various areas of competition and work diligently to finish their projects by the given deadlines.  The regional competition is held at MSU in the fall, virtual products are turned in during the end of December-early January for judging, and the state championship is held at Rupp Arena in the Spring.


2018-2019 Submissions

The Rose--Emerie Colwell
The Rose--Process


Galaxy Girl--Lexi Coy
Galaxy Girl--Process


Phoebe, the Witch--Jordyn Henderson

Phoebe, the Witch--Process









1st Place in State in 2015

The Problem At the Candy Store--Clara Beth Toy
The Problem at the Candy Store--Written Process

Photo Product
2nd Place in State 2015

Rushing H2O--Will Ratliff
Rushing H2O--Written Process

Presenter Service
1st Place in State 2015

Green Screen Photography--Slides

Digital Storytelling
2nd Place in State 2014

Xandi Jent-My Grandfather's Watch (digital product)
My Grandfather's Watch Written Copy

Graphic Design
2nd Place in State 2014

Madison Hardin--Dark Angel (image)
Dark Angel Process (written process)

Original Photo
1st Place in State 2014

Will Ratliff-Suspended Water (image)
Suspended Water (written process)

Digital Storytelling
1st Place in State 2013
Xandi Jent-My Poppy


Documentary Video
1st Place in State 2011

William Reed:  Our Hometown Hero


DPOJ 2017-2018

Digital Storytelling
Best Friends-
-Nyla Allen

The Proposal--Dayvie Engle

Graphic Design
Rainbow Dash--Lexi Coy
Rainbow Dash--Process

Dizzy--Kathleen Rawlings

Digital Art
Rainbow Dash--Lexi Coy
Rainbow Dash--Process

The Rose--Kathleen Rawlings
The Rose--Process

Original Photo Product
Crushed--Izzy Hughes

Sticky Situation--Izzy Hughes
Sticky Situation--Process

The French Revolution--Glogster--Kathleen Rawlings
Cinderella-Kyra McCarty-Faried

Cyberbullying: The Stats--Izzy Hughes

Manipulated Image
Seasons Change--Izzy Hughes

Seasons Change Original Images--Izzy Hughes
Seasons Change Process--Izzy Hughes


Behavior In School--Girl Power Productions

Screencast Capture
How To--Noah Allen