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Student Resources







 Clean Up Your Grammar
 Proofreading Makes Perfect
 Edit Dan’s Copy (proofreading)
 Goofs (Proofreading)
 Short Circuit (prefixes and suffixes)
 Race to Ramses (prefixes)
 Fish ‘Em Up
 Word Frog (antonyms/synonyms)
 Word Invader (Parts of Speech)
 MAP Reading
 Grammar Gorillas
 Grammar Blast
 Noun Dunk
 Verb Viper
 2 Bee or Nottoobee (verb tenses)
 Paint by Idioms
 Go Grammar (variety)
 Grammar Bytes (variety)
 Preposition Desert


 MAP Math
 Dirt Bike (proportions)
 Jetski (addition)
 Tractor (multiplication)
 Grand Prix (multiplication)
 Drag Race (division)
 Tug Team (fractions)
 5th Grade Math Games
 Learn to Tell Time 1st Grade
 Learning Coins 1st Grade
 Math Facts Basketball 1st Grade
Comparing Number Values
ABCya Kindergarten
ABCya 1st Grade
4th Grade Math Games
3rd Grade Math Games
2nd Grade Math Games
1st Grade Math Games
Kindergarten Math Games
Decimal Games
Speed Math
Money Games - (thanks Pierce!)



Ben’s Guide to Government 
Social Studies for Kids
 Mission US
 World Flags Game
 Capital Penguin (States and Capitals)


 Science Games (variety)
 Rock Cycle
 Solar System
 Science Bob
 Scholastic News
 National Geographic for Kids
 Smithsonian for Kids
 Sports Illustrated for Kids
 Time for Kids