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Last Updated: 9/4/2019 1:07 PM

SBDM Training Video

SBDM Training


SBDM Annual Documents

    KRS 158.183

    KRS 158.195

    KRS 158.186

    Your Duty Under the Law

    Managing Government Records

    Proof of Receipt

    Certificate of Distribution

SBDM Bylaws and Policies

    Sample Council Bylaws​

    Sample Council Policies

    SBDM Policy Manual

    SBDM Required Policies and Decisions Checklist 

SBDM Election Guidance

    SBDM Election Handbook 

    SBDM Elections Frequently Asked Questions 

    Sample Parent Nomination Form

    SAAR Minority Membership

    Minority Flow Chart

    Parents Eligible To Serve

SBDM Personnel Guidance

    SBDM Personnel Selection Guidebook

SBDM Staffing Allocations

    SBDM Staffing Allocations Information

    Staffing Allocation Worksheet

    Staffing Allocation PowerPoint

    SBDM Request for Resources Section 7 Funds

SBDM Technical Documents

    SBDM Frequently Asked Questions  

    SBDM Coordinator's Handbook (revised August 2018)

    SBDM Council Implications for CSI and TSI Schools 

Principal Selection

    Principal Selection Facilitator Guide 

    Principal Selection Training Module​​​